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Written specifically for the nonprofit reader, our booklets explore liability issues faced by most nonprofits. Many case studies and sample forms are included in each booklet.

Booklets are available free of charge…in single or multiple copies to member-insureds.

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Titles & Descriptions

Arrive Safe and Sound: Tips to Help Your Nonprofits Vehicle Safety Program Web Based Resource

Helps nonprofit managers establish policies and procedures for the safe use of vehicles in a nonprofit organization. 21 pgs

Managing Collaboration Risks: Partnering with Confidence and Success Web Based Resource

Information to help nonprofit organizations better manage collaboration risks. Topics covered include nonprofit-nonprofit collaborations, nonprofit-business collaborations, mergers and collaborating with insiders. The booklet also has sample checklists for risk management strategies and insurance considerations, as well as a primer on writing a memorandum of understanding.

Managing Volunteers: Balancing Risk and Reward Web Based Resource

Information to help nonprofit organizations better manage their volunteers. Topics covered include volunteer recruitment, screening and selection, as well as training, supervising and disciplining volunteers. The booklet also gives a brief explanation of volunteer liability and types of coverage available. 20 pages

Nonprofit Directors and Officers: Key Facts About Insurance and Legal Liability Web Based Resource

Summarizes the responsibilities of board members, reviews laws affecting nonprofit directors and officers, provides case studies of lawsuits against directors and officers, and lists key coverages to look for in insurance policies. Includes useful tips to help board members avoid the most common types of lawsuits.  26 pgs

Sound Advice for Functions and Events - Tips to Help Your Nonprofit Stage Safer Special Events Web Based Resource

Addresses special risk management challenges of special events, including appropriate use of additional insureds, insurance certificates, waivers, and hold harmless agreements.

Sexual Abuse Prevention for Children and Teens Web Based Resource

Helps nonprofit organizations that offer services to children and teens make it clear to their employees, volunteers, and mentors that supervision of children and teens never includes sex. The booklet provides general information to help nonprofit managers better understand how to avoid sexual abuse in nonprofit organizations.

Surviving a Crisis: Practical Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations Web Based Resource

Will help you assess current preparedness and includes tips on how to make sure your nonprofit is prepared to respond in the events of crisis. Provides sample checklists and media fact sheet. 18pgs.

What Nonprofit Leaders Need To Know About Lawsuits Web Based Resource

Designed to help nonprofit leaders, board members and nonprofit staff to be better informed about the litigation process, so that they can work more effectively to manage lawsuits lodged against them. 36 pages


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